University Application Planning

Quantum’s experienced education consultants work closely with students throughout the entire process of their university application:from school selection, writing personal statements, to scholarship applications. In addition, we offer a range of training sessions to make sure students make the most out of their academic and extracurricular experiences.

What is the Quantum System?

Quantum System is a comprehensive structure that provides proven records of winning the golden ticket to the students’ ideal universities. The three interlocked elements are the crucial cornerstones in students’ journey of building an impressive application. With Quantum’s extensive academic support, practical strategies provided by the mentors, and customized guidance in student profiling, applications have successfully demonstrated their strength, earning the spotlight on the stage of the university application.

Strategic Thinking

The ability to break down abstract ideas into executable concrete tasks is a key factor to the success of the students at Quantum.


In such a dynamic world, students need tenacity and elasticity to embark on a life journey that might be filled with both pleasant and unpleasant surprises.


Identifying talents and further developing them into intangible assests equip students with versatility to adapt to unexpected challenges.


Progress in humanity is enabled by people who are willing to contribute selflessly. At Quantum, students are exposed to various opportunities to extend their helping hands to those in need.


Passion is what fuels the soul and energizes the mind. Quantum inspires and empowers students to share their exuberant energy in everything they do.


Utlizing one’s talents and strengths in a team environment, students can induce a cohesive effort, propelling everyone to achieve a common goal together.


Hanny Yang
In Grade 12, I decided to seek help from Quantum Academy to improve my English. This was where I met Rosa, who provided me with overwhelming guidance. Not only did she help me with my English school work, she also prepared me to excel in the English 12 Provincial Exam.


Josh Yang
My experiences at Quantum Academy definitely had a strong positive impact towards my academic career. Quantum helped me exponentially improve my previous English grades in the B range to an A in a short amount of time. This has even allowed me to score an impressive 97% on the 2018 English 12 Provincial.


CJasper (Lexi)
I first went to Quantum because I wanted to get ahead of the school curriculum. Throughout grades 9-12, Quantum helped me with topics in math, chemistry, and physics. My experience at the academy was a very positive one. Gary’s style of teaching was highly engaging and thought provoking.


Evita Teng
I only have good things to say when it comes to my experience with Quantum. I went to them looking for help with AP chemistry, English, personal profiles for university applications, as well as scholarship applications. I appreciated how the teachers guided me towards solutions rather than giving me the answers and explaining how they got it.


David Dai
I came to Canada in 2015, and ever since then, I had been taking English classes and IELTS classes at Quantum Academy. Starting my life in a foreign country was not easy for me, both academically and socially. Quantum Academy had helped me so much throughout my entire high school journey.


Quantum Academy provided me with the most useful skills for university study. Coming to Vancouver for high school from a non-English speaking environment was a struggle. The writing skills are completely different from what I learned in China.


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