Literacy Journey

Learning English at Quantum Academy is enriching social and cultural experiences.  At Quantum Academy, we believe that social roundness is a major pillar to successfully learning a new language. Through the beauty of the language, our students would gain the opportunity to appreciate a new culture, enjoy its artistic flavor, taste the magic of intercultural communication.  Success graduates of our program ultimately become their own success stories with rewarding paths globally.
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This course is designed to help students develop their fundamental English language skills. The areas of focus are primarily the building blocks of English. For instance, we ensure adequate drilling in the alphabet, digraphs, consonant blends, sentence structure, spelling, writing, and proper pronunciation. Furthemore, we aim to instill good habits in each of our students. Due to their young age, we believe this is the best time to create positive study habits. We ensure this approach is effective by integrating engaging and interesting activities for students to enjoy. We always strive to provide high quality training and an inclusive dynamic English learning environment. Students will not only be able to increase their vocabulary, but also improve their reading skills, expressions, and sentence structures.

ELL/ESL Program

GRADE: 1 – 6

The ELL (English Language Learner) program is designed for students who are seeking education in Canada but cannot yet communicate effectively in English. Transitioning to a new society, culture, and language is a challenging time for any newcomer to Canada. At Quantum, we want to reassure parents that our staff has extensive experience with improving the English skills of many students in similar situations. Our multifaceted approach to English learning includes an in-depth focus on the key areas of learning including reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Additionally, the ELL program aims to improve students’ skills in areas of grammar, vocabulary development, and pronunciation. We understand parents are eager for their children to transition from ELL into the general populace as soon as possible, so that is why we focus all our energy on increasing each student’s abilities as quickly as the student can manage.. The Quantum ELL program has not only helped hundreds of students achieve their academic success,  but also has cultivated students to become active, participating citizens who are comfortable in both English and their native languages.

Creative Writing

GRADE: 5 – 12

Writing is an essential part of anyone’s skill set, and at Quantum we want to assist students in marrying structure with imagination. Our creative writing classes not only focus on various writing techniques along with essential story and character elements, but we also study stimulating and inspiring pieces of literature in order to plant the seed of creativity in your children. We believe setting goals for students is an important part of education, so we write not only to improve but to compete. Starting in 2013, the children in our creative writing classes have been entered in various writing contests in order to pique their interest in writing and foster their innate creativity. Furthermore, we have established an in house publication named The Quantum Times. The publication is put out monthly and is another way for the students to showcase their writing techniques.

Public Speaking

GRADE: 8 – 10

Public speaking is an indispensable life skill to obtain. Being able to use this skill earlier in life will give children a great foundation for their future years, both in their academics and life. Instructors involved in Quantum’s public speaking classes help their students to not only build their skills in literacy and presentation but also improvisation. This will enable the students to think critically and logically to express their ideas and thoughts in their own words. This will also translate into the student being able to express their own experience, beliefs, and understanding of certain topics in the English language. The sense of confidence and intellect derived from public speaking will benefit them greatly in an academic setting and also in relationship building.



GRADE: 5 – 12

French is an essential language to learn in Canada from grades 1-12. The options for post-secondary open vastly if a student takes French throughout their elementary and/or secondary years. Quantum French is offered at both a beginning level and an advanced level focusing on grammar, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and more. To build a solid foundation in French creates many alleyways to lead into government and secures a requirement for all Canadian Universities.


GRADE: 8 – 10

Here at Quantum Academy, we focus on building the foundations of students in aiding them to improve in their Chinese. The students who come to learn in Quantum can feel that we offer an inviting and encouraging environment that makes learning Chinese less stressful. In addition to the high school graduation Chinese challenge test and IB process of learning, Quantum Academy has spent a lot of our efforts in arranging different Chinese classes and programs. Due to the parents’ accompaniment and commitment in looking at the bigger picture, we believe that our children will excel in all aspects relating to the Chinese language. We welcome you in joining our Quantum Academy Chinese programs!


GRADE: 5 – 12

Our English and Math instructors create a fun yet focused learning environment for students to prepare for their entrance exam and interview with private schools. The SSAT assessment doesn’t just focus solely on the academic portions, but the students’ ability to think and adapt into more advanced and complicated situations. Our instructors will take the time to build the all-around knowledge of students to be prepared for any type of question they will receive on their tests instead of only ingraining the formulas and memorization of steps to produce a colloquial answer.

Literature Analysis

Literature analysis is a course designed for students from grade 10 to 12. The content consists of poetry analysis, rhetorical writing analysis, persuasive essay writing, and the use of higher level literacy devices. Students will be exposed and immersed in a variety of passages through which they witness the magic of the English language. Through Quantum’s literature analysis classes, students are able to develop their literature comprehension, make relevant connections with various types of texts, thus, build a strong foundation for university English classes and any type of writing exams, such as AP English and SAT exams.


In addition to the knowledge and skills preparation, Quantum SAT prep classes help give students a realistic overview of what the questions would be like on a SAT. Since SAT is a cross-grade exam, the students will be introduced not only to the grade-level content, but also the extension of the concepts covered. Quantum takes this chance to challenge students who are preparing for SAT to bring out their potentials of which they might not have discovered. These classes also involve the extensive use of mock-exams for students to practice their time management and exam strategies. These exam-like scenarios allow teachers to see the students’ strengths and thus improve their weaknesses.

AP Courses

AP (Advanced Placement) is a program run by the College Board that allows high school students to take college courses to earn college credits and qualify for more advanced courses when they start college. AP is also a great way for students to boost their university applications by showing their passion and ability to challenge themselves. There are a variety of AP courses we offer, such as the popular AP English and Language Composition, AP Psychology, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, etc. Preparing for AP exams will expand the students’ knowledge and develop the students’ mind. This will make the transition from high school to university expectations more manageable.

IB Courses

One of the benefits of the IB program is to prepare students for academic success in college.  IB program is initially designed with a purpose to give students around the world a chance to earn a rigorous, internationally recognized diploma, which they could then use for entry into universities. IB English focuses on inspiration, critical thinking, and learning potential. It is considered as a more challenging curriculum. It increases students’ learning abilities. Due to the similar difficulty with university courses, students who graduated from the IB Program are more likely to succeed in university.

Quantum brings certified IB instructors with more than 15 years of teaching experience and have successfully cultivated students’ logical thinking, critical thinking, and research skills. Our teachers will help students in unlocking the critical strategies and intellectual means in order to produce consistent and high quality papers.


CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language) is a Canadian-made English proficiency exam that provides an authenticrepresentation of the language used in the Canadian academic
context. Unlike the IELTS Academic exam, it not only measures students’ ability to use and understand English at an academic level, it also prepares students in integrating information, which is a crucial skill in achieving success in universities. Furthermore, all parts of the exams center around a central academic topic. This is the perfect exam that helps students whose native language is not English to prepare for the next chapter of their life.


IELTS is an international standardized test of English proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is one of the popular English language exams, testing students’ listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Quantum offers IELTS prep courses to prepare students for success. Students are taught by experienced instructors and are able to achieve their academic goals to meet their application requirements.


Quantum’s TOEFL classes focus on quality instruction and test-taking techniques designed to help students achieve high scores on the most widely accepted admissions and assessment tests. By providing abundant mock tests, the students have the opportunities to train their time management skills.  This will help make the students more confident and showcase. These stepping stones will ensure great focus, confidence, and knowledge to score high on the TOEFL test.

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