Daniela Coelho, PhD., TEFL, EAP, ESP

Daniela has been working in the field of language education for more than 15 years in different higher education institutions, secondary and elementary schools as well as language schools. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Translation, a Master of Arts in Language Didactics and a PhD in Didactics and Curriculum Development. She is now taking a Master of Education in Adult Learning and Education at UBC. Daniela is also a TEFL, EAP and ESP certified teacher and has worked as an IELTS examiner for three years. In the past Daniela also worked as a teacher trainer and this is a field she would like to explore more.

Daniela believes that there is no specific method for turning language teaching successful. She constantly changes and adapts her teaching strategies to the type of students she has and likes to use educational games and mobile technologies to engage students.

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