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I, Alex Pi, am currently a grade 12 high school student who studies in Steveston London Secondary School. Being in Canada for almost 9 years, I have familiarized myself with the local language and the Canadian culture. However, my proficiency in writing had not been improving until I began to take classes at Quantum Learning Centre. I have been attending classes at Quantum Learning Centre since the spring of 2012. The purpose was to prepare for the English 10 provincial which was held in June. Since I have only taken a few classes, I achieved a score of 59 in my first attempt; despite the unsatisfying score, I remained diligent in improving my English. Due to the intense course load in summer school, I took a break from attending classes at Quantum Learning Centre. In the following grade 11 year, I retook my grade 10 English provincial again and scored 71-a slight improvement. This year, however, I decided to continue in going to classes at Quantum to ask Rosa for help in improving my reading and writing. I registered for a semi-private session along with my friend and the purpose was to receive help for an English online course which I have taken with VLN (Vancouver Learning Centre). Throughout the whole course, Rosa was enthusiastic, didactic, helpful and inspirational. Not only did Rosa teach me the literal techniques of writing English but also emphasized on the contents and thoughts of composing that significantly enhanced the quality of a piece of writing. Through multiple times in confronting and correcting my errors, I have gradually became a well developed writer. Such improvement was also validated by Rosa and my online English teacher as they witnessed my development in my writing for the past six months; I achieved a final mark of 86 in the class. During the winter break of 2013, I have also attended English 12 provincial camp which mainly breaks down the main components of the exam, teaches students tips and techniques in each section and allows students to strenuously practice relevant material on the exam. From this ascetic experience, I have grasped onto the pace, skills and mentality which I would be required for the upcoming English 12 provincial exam in January, 2014. As a result from my diligent effort for the past six months, I have surprisingly achieved a 95 on the provincial exam which raises my final mark in English 12 to 90. Through sharing this experience, I would like to inspire future students who are not naturally gifted nor interested in English to never give up because earnest effort always grants desirable results. If ever needed any help with English, Quantum Learning centre is an optimal choice for students who wish to receive additional aid in writing, reading, speaking and listening.



Hi, I am Jay!  Before coming to Quantum, my English 10 provincial mark was 52% , which was a devastating news to me.  Because of my dismal news, my mom decided to find a tutor to improve my English skill.  Then, we found Quantum!  Joining the Quantum’s family was a turning point in my life!  After studying diligently in Quantum week after week, my English improved dramatically.  The second attempt of my English 10 provincial was 71%, which was 19% higher than my first attempt.  Not only was my English 10 mark a thrilling news, but also my English 12 mark was extraordinary.  The mark I got in summer school was 88% and the provincial mark was 94%!  After seeing my mark online, I could not believe I did this well.  I am grateful for having Quantum to guide me in both of my English Exams.  I would like to say “Thank you” to Quantum, and wish the best luck to others who are also bracing themselves for the provincial exams. 



Dear Rosa,  

Here I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward your continuous effort on my preparation for the provincial exam. Your unending passion and systematic training greatly boost my confidence on writing sound passages. Once again, thank you so much for your help!

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