Elementary School

Our Programs for Elementary Students


Elementary English and Math Enhancement:

Students are divided according to their levels. We facilitate and inspire students so they enjoy reading and develop critical thinking skills. Confidence in English and Math is the foundation to future success. For grades 4 and 7, we provide FSA preparations.

Math Competition (Grade 7) :

These classes are designed for students who have interest or talent in math. Students will be practicing with an abundance of past exams to prepare for the contests. The contests include American Mathematics Contest (AMC), University of Waterloo, and Olympiad Math.

SSAT/Private School Entry Preparation :

Our English and Math wizards create a fun and customized learning environment for the students to prepare for their entrance exam and interview to private schools. The private schools not only focus on the academic, but the students' ability to think and adapt is also emphasized. Our teachers will definitely work with your children so that they develop the versatility that the private schools are looking for.

Creative Writing :

Our creative writing classes not only focus on the writing techniques and essential elements, but we also provide stimulating and inspiring pieces in order to plant the seed of creativity in your children. Starting 2013, the children in our creative writing classes will be entered in various writing contests in order to peak their interest in writing and foster their innate creativity.

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