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Part One. Read this passage and answer the questions that follow it.

Sometime in their lives most parents hear their children say “I want to learn a musical instrument.” When it is your child who says this, you feel unsure about what to do. Though you are pleased at his ambition, there are questions still to be asked will he practise? Will he give it up after two months? Should he take private lessons? How do you know if his teacher is good?

            These questions are not idle ones. Musical education is a big investment. Assuming that your child sticks with his lessons for, say, four years, it will cost you from $2,500 to $3,000 or more, depending on the price of the instrument. I know, because over the last nine years, I have spent more on musical instruments than on anything else for my children. Between them they have taken lessons on drums, guitar, piano and bass. Would Andy stick it out on the guitar long enough to make buying one worthwhile? Should Jeff get another teacher or is he doing all right with the one he has? I had to answer all these questions myself. Recently, however, I have been adding to my own experience by talking to musicians and teachers. Here is what I found out.

            The question most parents ask is “has Susie enough talent to bother with it?” The answer, most emphatically, is “Yes”. Every child can learn to play music well enough to enjoy it. As working musicians know, about 90 percent of music is dedication and practice; talent only makes it easier.

            What instrument should your child take up? The obvious answer is: the one he wants to take up. He is certainly going to be more enthusiastic about working at an instrument he chooses for himself than at one you pick for him. If he is just vaguely interested in music, with no preference as to instruments, I would recommend the instrument he already owns – his voice. Voice training teaches him to read music; it trains his ear; it gives him an instrument he can use at anytime, anywhere, for the rest of his life; and it does not cost anything. You should suggest to your child that he should join the school choir or the church choir. It is the best possible preparation for anything else he does in music.

            My second recommendation is the piano, for similar reasons. The piano will give a child a grasp of how music is put together better than any band instrument. Even if he sticks it out for only a year he will gain something from it.

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Part Three: Writing
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