About us


Our History

Quantum Academy, found in 2009, is one of the few CIC designated learning institute in Richmond. It was established with Goals to provide tutoring service in subjects such as ESL, English Academic writing, Math, Chemistry and Physics. The school provides both private tutoring and group classes. Starting 2016, we have extended our programs. Accredited by PTIB, to offer adults and international students who would like to study English, hospitality program and TEFL in Canada. In fall 2018, Quantum opened its second campus in Vancouver. We will continue to provide a comprehensive learning program for all the students in addition to the academic assistance that we offer to our students. 


Our Mission

Quantum Learning Academy is devoted to delivering quality programs that provide students the tools and platform to achieve their goals, attaining fluency and competency in the English language and other subject areas. However, academic results are just the tip of the iceberg to what we strive for; confidence, leadership, and social skills are what we harvest within our students. A well-rounded individual is one who can truly succeed in life. Quantum Learning Academy is proud and honored to be your bridge to success.

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